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Private Classes 1

Global English Exchange | 3:21 AM |

Private classes are individualized online English classes. What does this mean? This means that there is one teacher and one student in a class. We offer this kind of class to all students. Upon sign up, the student has the freedom to choose between a private class and a group class.

Each one of us is individually different from others. There are some things that you need while others don’t need them. Individualized classes are effective for students who want efficient and focused lessons at any level. For the low-end this helps accelerate learning for some students; for the high-end students, this helps in focusing on individual learning tasks needed in business or personal goals. Students of this kind of class can gain benefits such as:

1. Focus of the teacher to the student is full and complete.

2. Lessons are designed specifically. Lessons are created based on the needs of the student. For instance, if the student would like to focus more on improving his spoken English skills then such lessons would be created by the teacher.

3. Pace of learning are based upon the abilities and interests of the learner.

Also, a person with a shy and reserved personality can thrive and gain confidence in this kind of setting.

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