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At the professional level, accuracy in the written language is necessary. Thus, it is important for certain documents to be proofread or edited in order to avoid legalities and misunderstanding. In writing for publication, we can help you by proofreading, copy editing, and editing. For each task, there is a separate price per word. We even have classes in writing to further assist your needs. In the end, you get a clean and clear copy as well as knowledge in the writing mistakes to enhance your skill or your employer's skill.  

What do we do when we proofread? Proofreading requires an expert eye to examine a text for several errors such as: punctuation marks errors, spelling errors, typographical errors, and obvious unintended errors. Therefore, we can say that proofreading is about accuracy.

Copy Edit

Copyediting involves proofreading and examining the text for the consistency in style and errors in grammar. Sometimes, he needs to check the validity and credibility of the information written by the writer. Also, a copyeditor can clarify poor wording, only if the client asks him to do so. Thus, this takes more time than proofreading. If proofreading is about accuracy, copyediting is about quality.

Editing involves enhancing the flow of ideas and quality of writing. This includes rewriting sentences or even the whole paragraph to achieve better quality. According to Tamara Rice, the editor “ will bring any potential issues to the attention of the writer and/or publisher — whether it be a legal matter, a question of good taste, a point of confusion, etc. An editor will make sure every base has been covered.”

We accept essays, resumes, letters, manuscripts, webpages, etc.
Email us and let us know your expectations. It is important to start on the same page.

EMAIL: globalenglishexchange@gmail.com

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