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Find Friends Around the Globe 3

Global English Exchange | 1:19 AM |

Practice your English by finding friends around the globe! Post your name, email address or messenger id and interact with others! This is one good way to practice your English skills. What are you waiting for? Type inside the comment box and start the friendship ball rolling!

3 Responses So Far:

Global English Exchange said...

Hello everyone!!! I encourage everyone to post your name and email address and make friends!!!

Anonymous said...

Osama from Egypt

Anonymous said...

hELLO. My name is Nurasyl. I am a men. I am looking for friends from other nationality. I want to speak in English. I like friendship. If you want to know my nation I hope I can help. I know russian. I can to help with russian if you can to help with english. My native language is kazakh! my skipe name is nurasyl6, and box is nurasyl_o@mail.ru.