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Global English Exchange | 1:50 AM |

As you can see below, our staff has many years of teaching ESL. So you can be assured that you are getting top-notch training when you sign-up for our programs. Go ahead and look at the staff.

Hi, everyone! My name is William and I am an American. In New York, I was an editor for a book publisher for four years. In the four years after, I have been engaged in teaching ESL. I have taught ESL both online and live classroom setting. I have taught ESL to Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, and Kuwaiti. My classes have included Business English, American Accent Training, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Current Events. I have taught students from beginner to advance level.

I coordinate online English classes.My name is Alice and I have been teaching English online for over a year now. I have a degree in Education. I have four years classroom experience. I have taught online English to Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese students ranging from ages 10 - 80 years old. I am very patient because teaching is one of my passions in life.

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