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Kid's English is a set of English courses, including Jack Stark and Penguin Classics, which aim to expand the child's ability in English. Parents can decide on what is best for their children-- at any level of English or at any age. We focus on the child as an individual learner. We include games and presentations in order to help learning through consistent and fun application.

It is important that kids and teens learn English in a fun way and interesting way. As we all know, children have very limited attention span. Thus, we create lessons that are based on their interests, likes, and preferences.

Here is a list of subjects under Kid's English. These are arranged according to the skill level of the child, assessed in the first meeting. For beginners, Jack Stark has been the most effective. Books for the class will be recommended by the teacher and agreed with by the parent before using in the class. Other subjects can be taught.

JACK STARK (Beginners)

CLASSICS (Elementary to Intermediate)

SONGS (Elementary to Pre-Intermediate)

BUILDING BLOCKS (Elementary to Intermediate)

WRITING (Pre-Intermediate--Intermediate)

MOVIE ENGLISH (Intermediate)

Other Tutorial Subjects:

World History and Geography

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